How To Change Your Twitter Handle And Keep Your Followers

Your Twitter handle (also known as your username) is the name that appears after the @ sign. It also appears at the end of your Twitter URL. Getting your Twitter handle right is important because it is what users will use to communicate with you – whether that be @ mentions or direct messages. It […]

Top Ten Tips on How to Work from Home Productively

The current lockdown we have in place in the UK due to the Coronavirus pandemic means that lots of people are working from home, perhaps for the first time. It’s likely this situation will continue for three months or more, perhaps even up to six months. With this in mind, we thought it might be […]

How to Run a Social Media Campaign

Deciding to run a social media campaign can be a great way to reach out to your target audience. But there are a lot of areas to consider when it comes to how to run a social media campaign. Particularly a successful social media campaign that meets your goals. Our blog considers the following areas […]

How to Block Someone From a Facebook Business Page

If you run a Facebook business page, it is very likely that at some point you will experience negative feedback, comments, posts or reviews. But when does this change from being part of doing business to something more? If people start trolling or spamming your page should you block someone from your Facebook business page? […]

How Do I Get My Website on Google?

Google is a significant tool at the disposal of all businesses and marketers when it comes to finding users who are searching for your product or service. Here we look at how you get your website to show on Google, why it may not show on Google and different search engine marketing techniques. How does […]