Who to Follow on Twitter in 2020

When you follow someone on Twitter you are effectively signing up to receive their content. You are subscribing to their tweets. Any updates they make on their twitter feed will display in your timeline. And if you follow someone, they are able to direct message you. So, when it comes to your Twitter account, particularly […]

How to Create a Facebook Business Page Without a Personal Account

Social media marketing is big. And Facebook remains the largest social media platform with 2.45 billion active users in a month. With so many users, as a business it is a great way to access people and get them to find out more about your business. Whether you use it as an extension of your […]

2020 Facebook Competition Rules for Business Pages

Running a competition on a Facebook business page can be a great way to raise brand awareness, boost followers of your page and grab attention. But there are many rules which govern the type of promotions you can run and you must ensure that you adhere to the Facebook competition rules in 2020. What are […]

How to Plan a Website: Step by Step

If you have or are looking to create a digital presence for your business, then your website could be one of your most important assets. It will set the tone for the way potential customers see your business, whether they choose to engage with your business and importantly whether they complete the goal that you […]

A guide to setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is like opening the back door of your website. It is a (free) tool provided by Google that tracks and reports web traffic and will show you how your website is performing. You will be able to see:   Who is visiting your website  Where they came from (e.g. another website, search engine etc)  […]

Understanding how to use Google Analytics reporting

Google Analytics reports are the way that you can start learning about your website’s traffic once you’ve set up Analytics. The first report that you’ll see when you log into your Analytics account is the Audience Overview report – there is one of these for each website you have set Analytics up for and you can switch […]

Running & optimising a targeted pay per click advertising campaign 

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the most accessible ways to begin advertising your website, its products and services. You can see PPC advertising by entering terms into any search engine – the sponsored ads at the top are PPC. PPC is the opposite of an ‘organic’ click through i.e. where your site has […]

Assessing the volume opportunity of your target audience

How to assess the volume opportunity of your target audience on search engines  A true understanding of your target audience is one of the most crucial elements to successfully maximising your use of website data. This will not only help you make smart decisions about where to apply resources when it comes to marketing spend but will […]

The importance of website data  

Website data – i.e. the information that all of us generate simply by using the web – has become a crucial part of business marketing. We now have access to information on the habits, likes, needs and wants of a target market like never before thanks to the way that the online world tracks and […]